Attention coaches, therapists, and heart-based professionals:

~ Authentic Business ConfidenceTM ~

Attract more clients, make more difference, & get more back, when you believe in yourself & your business

Grow your therapeutic business with the Results Agency

Grow your therapeutic business with the Results Agency

You’re here to make a difference. And you also need to make a living.

Attracting clients, getting hired, explaining what you do so people get it…  these take skills, and confidence.

By nurturing authentic business confidenceTM The Results Agency will help you:

  • attract more paying clients
  • gain clarity, confidence & direction
  • do your thing in a bigger, juicier, and more rewarding way

~ Is This You? ~

Is this you:

  • you wish that you could feel more confident, self-assured and at home with who you are and the powerful positive changes you can help others achieve
  • you want to earn a good living doing the work you love, yet you don’t know how to build your business so you can do that
  • you worry that you would have to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to be successful
  • you hold back, waiting for “permission” or “the right time” to shine in business or at work

If you often feel like you get in your own way through procrastination and distraction, that can be disheartening and frustrating.

What if… you could stop holding back and start shining…

Imagine you knew how to talk about your work so people get it, want it, and are ready to pay for it…bitmapI help you design compelling, authentic, effective marketing messages, that attract the right clients.
Imagine running a successful and sustainable business doing the work you lovebitmapI help you develop the mind-set, heart-fire, & support systems, you need to thrive in business.
Imagine you could walk into business meetings feeling grounded, self-assured and responsive…bitmapI help you get clear about the value of your work and think like an entrepreneur without losing your heart in the process
Imagine you could look yourself in the eye knowing you were regularly taking your best work to the world, instead of procrastinating…bitmapI help you get focused, get organised, and get into action.


You CAN grow a thriving, sustainable business that makes a difference.  And I’m here to help.

Business Success is Not Just a Learning Curve, It’s Also a Growth Curve.

As a therapist and a coach, I spent a lot of time, money and energy developing my skills.   Yet I still struggled to successfully market my business. Partly because I didn’t really know how. Partly because I much prefered delivering my services to marketing them.

Yet I also knew that I needed to attract more clients – and – I wanted to do that in a way that was honest, authentic and true to who I am as a practitioner.

What I realised is that my Business-Self needed just as much care, support and development as my Practitioner-Self (to grow in confidence and know-how) if I wanted to get great business results.

Plus, having authentic business confidence actually supports and nurtures my ability to do my thing in the most effective and powerfully transformative way for clients.  So they can also get great results.

You too can grow in confidence in your business. And in your best work.

I want to show you how you and your business can flourish without pretending to be something you are not, squashing your values, or faking your fire. Authentic Confidence Coaching will help you grow into your superpowers as a practitioner and as a business owner.

The confidence you need is waiting to take root.

~ What do you want help with? ~

Stepping Out of Stuck

You want to move forward. But instead you’re spinning your wheels, thinking in circles, and wondering why.

You worry that time’s a-wasting.

Not great when you need to make a decision, finish that website, or get a big idea off the ground.

Stuckness sucks.   But help is here. Escape the procrastination swamp…

Step Out of Stuck  >

Marketing a Heart Based Business

If your marketing is not working you won’t get clients you need.
(No matter how passionate you are, or how great your work is.)

But marketing may not be one of your strengths.

So you need no-jargon info, honest feedback, & quick wins for attracting more of the right clients.

Maybe even some done-for-you copy?
Improve your marketing…

Root to Tip Business Nurturing

Flourishing in business means doing your best work, with the right clients, & getting paid what you are worth.

But lack of self-belief, combined with lack of know-how, may have left you struggling.

Help is here…

Define, polish and uplevel your business in 180 days

Your Blossoming Business…

~ What people are saying ~

Helen has a great understanding of the issues facing women…

…Her support and incisive questions have helped me untangle stuff that’s about my current work and what holds me back there. It’s made me realise just how rarely I let the world see me at my best – and what a waste this is. She champions me and remind me of how fantastic I can be..

Helen is a first class coach and excellent value for money…She’s far better than Red Bull – the effects are much longer lasting!!

Tilla Brook – Organisational Development Consultant and Executive Coach

Helen’s coaching… added confidence

The best part about having someone independent, like Helen, asking you how you’re getting on with your plans and research, is that you know that she has no ‘angle’ on it – or you. The input comes from a supportive and pretty objective place.

The main benefit from Helen’s coaching was added confidence in making decisions… I needed someone to push me into looking at my options, giving me milestones and prompts…

…The other side of it is to do with feeling that you have someone batting for you, whatever you decide to do. That made a huge difference.

Barbara Roscoe – Small Business Owner (Isle of Wight)

Helen made me believe in myself and my business…

Susan Douglas

Before I met Helen my business was just trundling along. I did have a dream about what I wanted to do but it was a fuzzy dream.

Helen has helped me to de-fuzz the dream and it is now very clear where I want to go. She is marvellous at bringing out of people what they actually want to do.

Helen has been a god-send to me and has been my very own guide through the last 3 or so years. This has been the biggest benefit although there are other ones as well. She is a super star.

Apart from being on track toward what I really want for my business, Helen has helped me to secure more one to one clients which financially has helped to support me whilst working on the bigger picture.   Obviously money helps but I think a very important aspect of meeting Helen is that she has made me believe in myself and my business.

She does indeed does get The Results.

Susan Douglas – Business Owner & Founder of The Douglas Method