For soul-powered business women who want to do their thing in a bigger, juicier and more rewarding way, but struggle to believe in themselves and their business.

Helen Dillon

Hi! I’m Helen Dillon – holistic coach, business strategist, student and teacher of Authentic Business Confidence.

And I’m here to help you make a living while making a difference.

I work with therapeutic professionals and holistic practitioners, plus caring expert businesses of all kinds. Especially those for whom business and marketing is SO not their thing.

Marketing didn’t used to be my thing either.  I started out just another new counsellor trying to build my practice.  And trying NOT to be business-y about it (despite my corporate background)!

I naively believed I had given all that up when I stopped wearing a suit to work! As one friend said I had “put my business self away in a drawer”.

But something I learned is that its not just what you do in your consulting room, but how you do business that is key to making an impact.  Every part of it (marketing, service delivery, systems, etc) matters because every aspect of your business has the potential to help, heal and inspire.

Yet too many helping businesses have websites and other marketing materials that are confusing and frustrating, or, bland, boring and just like everyone else’s.

Too many caring professionals get burnt out and down-hearted because they can’t reach enough of the right people to make their practices self-sustaining and they don’t have the right kind of support.

I want to change that.

The Results Agency Mission
is to help you do your thing in a bigger, juicier and more rewarding way, so you can more confidently attract the right clients, do more of the work that makes you come alive, and make the world a better place.

And all while earning a good living – because getting paid is also part of business as a healing endeavour.

I believe it’s vital that your marketing, sales and all the other trappings of how you do business:

  • are in alignment with your heart-centred values
  • have life and colour that is uniquely yours
  • use tried and tested principles that really do work

A lot of what we do around here is about choosing growth…

…Finding ways of being and thinking and doing that result in bigger impact, better rewards and work that has mojo and juice.

That’s through holistic coaching, sharing of expertise, and cheerleading for your business.  Plus a variety of “done-for-you” services like copywriting and web presence design.

What you can expect when you work with me:

  • Support, insight and compassionate ass-kicking 🙂
  • A warm, confidential and encouraging space where you can hear yourself think
  • No confidence tricks. You know, the “3 simple steps to unshakeable confidence” “teach yourself self-belief in 5 minutes a day” “builds into a complete reference with free binder”… While short-term techniques can be useful for special occasions, they do not form the basis for a successful business
  • I trained as a counsellor in the Person-Centred Approach, qualifying in 2001.  I no longer work as a therapist per se, but I do bring all of that skill, experience, philosophy and understanding into my work today
  • I don’t just pay lip service to the holistic stuff.  So we will talk about Spirit (however that gets defined) and bring that into our work.  I will also help you:
    • access the wisdom inherent in your body
    • align with your heart
    • apply pragmatic thinking to thorny issues

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Background: The Results Agency was established in 2005

I’ve been providing coaching to professional women ever since. (I qualified as a Person-Centred Counsellor in 2001 and as a Professional Coach in 2004.)

But I wasn’t always as focused as I am now. For a long time I was fuzzy about who and what I was aiming at. Consequently, so was everyone else!  I learned that this was one of the major things holding me and my business back.

Getting clarity around your purpose really does generate greater business confidence and it was discovering this that helped me begin to understand how I could organise what I knew about confidence and self-esteem, personal growth, business development and marketing into a system that would help others to grow their businesses.  The 5 Principles of Authentic Business Confidence were born.

I’d like to help you get focused on, and confident about, your business much more quickly than I did! Hence the Results Agency has been re-designed to provide the kind of structured help I wish I’d had 10 years ago.

The Bigger Vision

Although our species seems hell-bent on self-destruction and descent into the dark, all over the world, people are working on the side of the Light. Women are stepping forward and lighting candles and torches, bonfires and beacons – through their work in companies, in organisations, and in business.

And, at the same time, many other women are hanging back, wanting so much to make a difference, and yet not feeling confident enough to strike the match.

Light up the world through your business

Set a fire under your business

I believe the world needs more inspired, compassionate, fully-alive and “up to something” women. And over the last few years I’ve realised that my purpose, and my passion, is to help women gain enough confidence to stop waiting – and start shining.

(Actually I’ve always known it was something I was passionate about, I just never realised the extent to which it fed all of my work.)

What may seem odd is: the thing that I love to help others with is something I have long struggled with myself. The confidence to speak one’s truth. How to create a sustainable business when what you do is outwith the norm – and hard to describe. How to find one’s pack (and feel able to lean into that support) when “not belonging” is ingrained. The courage to shine.

I am a student and teacher of authentic confidence. And I’d be delighted to talk to you about how we might work together to plant, nourish and harvest some authentic confidence for you and your work.

I’m here to help women who are waiting for permission – waiting for self-belief – waiting for a gap in their schedules – to do the work that makes them come alive. 

If that’s you, give me a call, and let’s talk.