Building a business can be exciting.  It can also be overwhelming and frustrating. How can you confidently attract more clients, and do more great work, so your business can blossom and thrive?

When you set out to use your expertise to help people, you might not have worried too much about the fact that you would also be “in business”.  I know I didn’t….

Back in 1999, I was setting up in private practice as a counsellor.  Despite a corporate background I had little idea about marketing or sales.

It was a hard slog, especially as I had thought very little about the business aspects of running a practice.  After all, I was interested in helping people, not selling to them.  In fact, I thought I had given up all that business stuff when I stopped wearing a suit to work.

Later on and one maternity break later, in 2005, I was again business building, … as a life coach. And again wondering how on earth I was going to find clients and make a go of this professionally.  This time I had a bit more idea – but a LOT to learn.

It often felt like wading through treacle. And there were many times I was tempted to give up, but my stubbornness passion kept me going.

The problem I faced, and you may well be facing too, is that most of the training that builds expertise in, say, yoga, or coaching, or even accountancy, typically doesn’t give you much business building mojo.

At the same time, the internet is a hyped-up merry-go-round of information on how best to attract clients, get sales and increase profits.  It can be hard to tell the gold from the merely sparkly.

No surprise then, to find yourself going round in circles, and spinning your wheels. (Yep, did that.)   Or simply giving in to distraction and overwhelm. (Did that too.)

And all the while wishing there was a magic wand that would provide you with all the clients you want.

I have been there.  And I’ve been paying attention.

I’ve come to realise that there are 3 things that, together, stunt the growth of many solo expert businesses:

  • The sticky, shadow side of being your own boss (overwhelm, distraction, low self-confidence, self-sabotage, etc, etc) that keeps you from bringing forward your best work and making the impact you want.  (Yep, we all have our very own treacle monster.)
  • Drowning in input and ideas and internet-yada-yada, but missing the vital framework needed to make them work for you.  (Too many excellent businesses look lifeless and same-y, or try to stuff in so many angles and options no-one has any idea what they are about.)
  • A lack of know-how in what works (with grace and integrity) to get clients interested in hiring you, and, keep coming back for more.  (There are fundamental mistakes I see time and again on expert business websites.)

When these three things show up together, it’s so hard to get any traction with your business that you might as well be stuck in treacle.

Running a small business can be a frustrating, confusing and confidence-sapping process.  But it doesn’t have to be.

How might things be different if you were given the tools, support and nurturing you need to grow your business

…even if business, marketing and sales are really Not Your Thing.

What if you could feel at home with marketing your business, and, at ease with being well-paid for it?

Allow me to offer you…

Your Blossoming BusinessTM

A “Root-to-Tip” Therapeutic Business Growth ProgrammeTM

Your Blossoming BusinessTM is for small expert businesses, and therapeutic practitioners, who want hands-on help with developing their business mojo, attracting more clients, and growing their business.

So much “grow-your-business” advice targets list-building, snappy taglines, and “marketing-speak”. This is starting in the wrong place.

Yes, your copy needs to be compelling, and, Yes, there are key pieces you need in your marketing, but more importantly, there is a flow to these pieces that must be honoured if you want to make maximum impact.

Otherwise people won’t “get” the special flavour of what you do.  And will assume you’re the same as everyone else because that’s how you’ll come across.

Your Blossoming Business course helps you crack the code of how to successfully market your business and stand-out from your competition.

This course is both practical (you’ll actually implement a lot of the things you learn during the course), and transformational (personal growth and healing are an intrinsic part of the programme).

Together, we will work directly on your business, bringing forward your best work, improving your marketing and attracting more of your ideal clients.  Because the more you attract ideal clients (the ones who really value what you do), the more positive difference you can make.

Here’s what I want you to get from this programme:

Inner Results:

  • A Sense of Relief – It’s frustrating when you can’t seem to find the right words to connect with your audience, especially when you are passionate about what you do. I want you to experience the joy and relief of being able to (at last!) talk about “your thing” with both conviction AND clarity, so that potential clients can more easily understand the value of working with you -> you get hired more often.
  • More Ease –  Everyone gets stuck in treacle now and then.  By clearing out the lair of the treacle monster (unhelpful habits, undermining beliefs and other shadow-side murk), you can find more ease around getting things done and moving forward with your business.  Note: This is about more than “mindset”.  Ease is a heart, body and spirit issue too.
  • Healing your Relationship with Business Many heart-based business women are undermined by an apparent mis-match between their desire to be of service and their need to make a profit. Most “marketing courses” ignore this conflict.  This programme makes healing in these areas a central theme, allowing a re-design of your relationship with business.  So the “business stuff” becomes as much a part of the positive difference you make in world as the delivery of your services.  Bring it all into alignment and watch your impact grow.
  • A More Confident Business Self – You may have been keeping your business-self shut away, much as I did, or it may simply be undeveloped.  My turning point was the recognition that my business-self needed as much love, care, support and attention as my “practitioner-self”, in order to grow and develop in integrity. Through the expertise and help available in this programe, I want you to feel more confident and supported about being in business, clearer about what’s needed, and more assured about how to market what you do in a way that generates a lot more business (even when what you do is a bit “out there”).

Outer Results:

  • More Impact – To make more of a positive difference in the world you need visibility and to get your message out to more people. Impact comes from consistent, compelling, stand-out messages – that get people’s attention and inspire them to invest.
  • More Income – While money may not be your main motivator, it IS a key component of self-care.  If you are constantly worrying about money, it is SO tough to bring your best self to your work.  So it important that you grow your income as well as your business.
  • Your Marketing Cupboard Stocked and Ready –  each module involves creating fundamental elements of your marketing. These are like your secret spice blend – the ingredients you can call on again and again to write copy, web-content, keynote talks, etc. Or when creating new products and services.
  • Planning – There is so much you could do (if only you had limitless time). One of the big challenges for solo businesses is deciding what to prioritise … what to prune.  Otherwise it all becomes one big thorny tangle.  Planning is not just about setting goals, it’s also about clearing space, choosing priorities and gaining focus.  So together we will create a personalised route-map you can follow to go on refining your marketing, developing products and services, and growing your business, long after the programme has ended.

Overall, at the end of this programme I want you to have a solid and well-designed platform from which to develop your continued business success.

What this course is not:

Yet another information dump – yes, I will share expertise, best practice and hot tips, but the basis for this course is hands-on, practical assignments, delivered alongside guidance on implementation, honest feedback, and suggestions for improvement.  PLUS you’ll get plenty of compassionate support (for those times when the treacle-monster tries to stop you).

One of those “make 6 figures in a fortnight” efforts that litter the internet.  This course targets realistic, sustainable growth starting from where you are now, and aims to set you off on the path to a more fruitful business.

A magic wand – You will need to commit time and energy to developing the core of your business, consistently, for the whole of the programme.  That, of course (and failing fairy godmothers), is the only way to achieve anything.  You will only get great results from this programme if you follow my process and do the assignments.

So how does it work?

This 4-6 month programme comprises 4 modules and is a dynamic mix of:

  1. Transformational Holistic Coaching: insight, compassion and challenge to support you in creating positive shifts in confidence, self-belief, and other aspects of your “inner game”, and in bringing forward your best work. Each module comprises 2×60 minute coaching calls. (I.e. 8 hours of transformational coaching in all.)
  2. Shared Expertise: I will take you step by step through my unique “Root-to-Tip” process (see more below).  This will show you how to develop an Effective Business Presence that suits you and your style, and works to attract the right clients to your business
  3. Workbooks, Templates and other materials (e.g. audios): to guide you in working through specific challenges, and, in creating marketing content.

    Your Blossoming Business – the 4 Modules take you step-by-step through the tasks you need to master to create effective, feel-good marketing that attracts more fo the clients you want.

Topics and Modules

Every business is different, and each client brings different skills and experience to this process – so the specific topics covered in each module will vary depending on your needs.

Module 1: Envisioning – Uncovering The Deep Roots of Your Business

Module 1

In this module, we will get to the heart of what your business is about and why that’s important.

Example Topics: Your business purpose v your personal purpose; Why what you do is important; What feeds the motivation that keeps you going.  We will define Your Expert Vision and from that, your Business Vision. Staking your claim through engaging your best, Whole Self.

Outcomes: Mission Statement; Personal Focus and Engagement; Business Vision; Personal Contract (your commitment to bringing your best self into your business).

Module 2: Defining Your Client, Defining Your Message – The Heartwood of Your Business

While understanding your deep motivations is important, you need to be able to translate and explain it in a way that makes sense to potential customers.  This is the job of your message.  It’s the core theme that runs through your marketing.  It brings a sense of unity and purpose, even when you have disparate products and services.

Before you can do this, you need to know who your ideal customer is.  Your message connects your personal mission with your customers’ needs, wants and expectations.

Some of the topics: 3 hats – understanding how to talk to your audience; benefits v features; The “ideal client” and why that matters;  Defining your 3 core-client personas; constructing your message; creation stories; introduction to brand design, tone and positioning

Outcomes: Business Purpose Statement (a.k.a. your elevator pitch); Client Personas; Message Recipe Cards.

Module 3: Delivering – The strategy for how you bring your work to your market

Once you have defined your client, what you do for them, and why that’s important, the next step is to decide on the structures, pathways, and sequences through which your business will deliver for your clients.

In this module we will define the strategy for delivery, and, a plan of action. We will look at multiple streams of income, supporting technology, systems and people, and, pricing.

Outcomes: Business Strategy and A Plan, A Price Map.

Module 4: Inviting Customers Into Your Business (and keeping them)

Marketing, i.e. content, copy, etc is really the end point – the tips of the branches, the flowers that entice cutstomers into your business.

The 6 fundamentals of content; The impact of design; How to structure your about page; website/social/off-line – consistency and effectiveness across all your points of contact;

Outcomes: Outlines of your basic 8 pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Click the question to see the answer.)

Is this programme right for me?

If you are serious about your business and ready to attract more fee-paying clients, then this programme is definitely something you should consider.  If what you read here resonates with you, then why not have a chat with me and let’s find out.

How long will it take?

That depends on how much time, energy, and attention you have to give to it. With 8 coaching sessions, 16 weeks is probably the least time you could do it in – bear in mind that there will be homework for you to complete between sessions. I would suggest planning on 4-6 months to give yourself some wiggle room!

What if I need to take time out?

Keeping the programme momentum is important to helping you stay focused. Yet the one-to-one style of the course means that, of course, we can be flexible about scheduling.

What does it cost? (And is there an installment option?)

See the table below for fees.  Yes, you can pay in two installments.

What You Get:

Just to be clear, this programme comprises 8 x 60minute coaching sessions, structured around the four modules of the course, and spread over 6 months.
There will be supporting worksheets for many of the components.

Bonuses!!  You will also get:

Module Zero: To help you start this programme in the best possible frame of mind and as well organised as you can be, so you get the maximum value from it.  This is a stand-alone Course Preparation Guide that can be used again and again prior to starting any course or programme.  Valued at £45
Unlimited Email Support: ask me questions, get feedback, ideas and support via email.  I aim to respond within 36 hours.  Valued at £220 (minimum)

Premium Bonus: Aftercare

My unique Aftercare Package extends the support and accountability aspect of the programme for a further 3 months:  At the end of the programme, you’ll be off to a great start.  Yet other issues and obstacles will almost certainly appear.  With the Aftercare Package, you get 3 months of further support and back-up:

  • Accountability Calls:  a 45 minute Accountability Call, supported by worksheets, once a month for 3 months.  I will track how you are doing, provide encouragement and help you stay on track with taking timely action towards your business goals.
  • 1/2 Day Business Planning Workshop  An intensive, structured half-day workshop with me during which you will review your business progress, set business goals and lay plans for the next six months.  This is to be scheduled between 4-6 months from the end of the programme.  Valued at £350

Disclosure: The Nature of This Programme – Please Read

This an experimental programme.  By which I mean this is the first time I am offering this material fully structured and designed as a programme.

While I’m very clear about the fundamental content and approach we need to take, I will be fine-tuning the programme as we go along.  Which means that you have the opportunity to get help and support that is really quite bespoke.  I’m also open to bringing in, or creating, extra materials (templates, workbooks, exercises) especially for you.

I really will be rolling up my sleeves and giving you in depth help to grow your business.  I have space for four clients for the current release of this programme.  If it feels like it might be the kind of help you are looking for, please fill out the application form below, and let’s talk.

NB The price for this programme will go up for the next release.

Your Blossoming BusinessTM Programme



8 hours of  one-to-one coaching and mentoring tickred tickred
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unlimited email support tickred tickred
Module Zero tickred tickred

Premium Bonuses

3 x 45min accountability calls tickred
1/2 day Business Planning  Workshop tickred
Fee £599

one-off payment


one-off payment


How Do I Join the “Your Blossoming BusinessTM” Programme?

This programme is substantial in both the depth of help available and, the breadth of material covered.

Because of this, and, in order to maintain a high level of service and attention, I only have a limited number of spaces.

Please tell me a little about your business by filling out the form below and let’s talk!  Anything you tell me , and indeed the course itself, is confidential.  (Plus the programme is covered by my money back guarantee.)

What happens next: When you click the Apply Now button, I will receive your details. I will contact you to arrange an informal chat about your business and how the programme could help you achieve the results you want. Please type your contact details carefully.

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