First class coach. Excellent value for money. You have a great understanding of the issues facing women…

…Your support and incisive questions have helped me untangle stuff that’s about my current work and what holds me back there. It’s made me realise just how rarely I let the world see me at my best – and what a waste this is. You champion me and remind me of how fantastic I can be..

…You’re far better than Red Bull – the effects are much longer lasting!!”

Tilla Brook – Organisational Development Consultant and Executive Coach – Leeds

A friend recommended the Results Agency and I had a free trial session. That was so very helpful that I then continued as a client for many months.

I found Helen very astute, very thoughtful, extremely experienced and knowledgeable in her field. She is particularly quick to read hidden elements, the sub-text, of what one says.

As well as uncovering attitudes and feelings of which one might not be aware, or has suppressed, she is good at suggesting positive and practical ways forward, often in the form of ‘homework’ to be attempted before the next session.

I found the telephone-based relationship surprisingly good for encouraging one to be honest, actually more so than face-to-face counselling.

All in all, a most enjoyable, rewarding and profoundly useful experience.

S.R. – Senior Educator and Academic (Retired)

“Coaching with Helen is a little like having a year’s therapy in one hour. If you can identify and verbalise any areas you want to change (as opposed to just feeling depressed) then it is just the ticket. It is instant, practical, and life-changing.

For me it was all about articulating my personal mythology which until then had concealed itself as a ‘natural’ way of viewing the world. And yet was methat did the articulating, spurred on from revelation to revelation by the most minimal yet astute questions and observations from Helen. Once that mythology is out there – you realise how ridiculous it is, and more importantly – how contingent. This means you start to change it, and thereby your life, and yourself.

It really is that simple and that extraordinary.”

Eve S.

“Thank you very much for your help – you gave me some great pointers and food for thought and things finally seem to be coming together – I’m certainly feeling happier anyway.

I appreciate the time we spent talking – you clearly have a gift for the job! …I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.”

Karen Potts – Classroom Assistant – Aberdeen

“I really, really enjoyed working with you. Your skills and expertise in guiding the session were very evident. I felt very safe and supported to work through my personal challenges. It was also very useful, as to how within the session you supported me to pin point the most potent goal, that would move me forward, considering the issue that I presented was actually quite a big issue.

I was actually very surprised as to how quickly we were able to build rapport and connect and how this allowed me to open up and challenge some quite deep personal beliefs. The way in which you facilitated this process was so gentle and skilled, I am truly grateful. I have felt like I just got rid of so much since that session and the ceremony I chose to undertake, in a way this week I’ve felt quite tired like I’m recuperating from all the hard work and as you put it, healing the wound!!! However, I have also felt quite charged and really hopeful and know that when I am stronger I will feel ready to take charge and move into my shakti power space of creation.

Thank you, I really look forward to working with you again, and will most definitely be recommending your services.”

Anita Bhardwaj – Development Consultant – London

“At first, I was concerned that coaching would be too ‘soft’ and generic; in fact it was highly personal and often challenging. I also didn’t understand how someone who didn’t know me or my issues could help. I’ve learned that you are a guide to finding the help within …which is a powerful, lasting gift to your clients…

…After each session I always felt much more relaxed, able, energised and ready to face the world. It was like having a mental massage or going to an emotional spa! The sessions taught me the power of trying to look at problems or situations from as many different angles as possible, and that emotional reactions to situations contain useful information, and shouldn’t just be dismissed as ‘illogical’.

Afterwards I often took action on things that had been ‘blocked’ a long time….

…Specifically, I’ve got an experience of seeing problems from different angles, and, some key personal insights about what motivates me. Plus vital impartial support through some difficult times and decisions. I’ve also taken away some tools for thinking around apparently intractable problems…

…I’ve already recommended your coaching to other women – a lot! That’s because it is professional, reliable, accepting, easy to set up and very enjoyable…

…We none of us balk at spending 50 quid on a haircut; investing a similar sum in techniques for enduring wellbeing has got to be a good idea!”

Sara Abdulla – Chief Commissioning Editor, Nature Magazine – London

“I was attracted to Helen’s combined experience as counsellor, professional and coach. I am not a classic “professional” but a mother with an education and the desire to do something worthwhile with my life. In this position I felt very comfortable with her approach.

What I find amazing about Helen is the sense of support, interest and oddly enough, what feels like friendship she has created after only one telephone consultancy! I prepared for our discussion by writing quite a long email about what I felt were relevant aspects of my life history, present situation and my wishes and desires for the future. This in itself was a very useful exercise. She then called me and we discussed the ideas I’d jotted down.

I’m still working on the thoughts and ideas developed during this phone call! It was an extremely useful and helpful exercise.”

Dr Hilary Solly – Bolzano, Italy

 “The best part about having someone independent, like Helen, asking you how you’re getting on with your plans and research, is that you know that she has no ‘angle’ on it – or you. The input comes from a supportive and pretty objective place.

It is so easy to say you’re going to do something and then let procrastination and inertia get in the way. Tomorrow never comes, and you can find yourself running out of tomorrows.

The main benefit from Helen’s coaching was added confidence in making decisions… I needed someone to push me into looking at my options, giving me milestones and prompts…

…The other side of it is to do with feeling that you have someone batting for you, whatever you decide to do. That can make a huge difference, particularly if you’re not feeling very secure at the time when you need to make decisions which affect your future.

Barbara Roscoe – Small Business Owner (Isle of Wight)

Helen helps me to stay clear and honest with myself and to accept that when I can’t change everything, I still can change some things – and to get on and do so!

And she has the memory of a hundred elephants! … She’s helped me most where she sees that I have two contradictory beliefs about something – even when I’ve forgotten one of them. Resolving those contradictions is the best stress reliever.

That’s really powerful in helping me to manage a very pressured job; she keeps reminding me of the things that I like about it and stops me dwelling on the downside – especially where I can do something about it.

Helen practices a finely balanced mixture of accepting support and kick in the pants! I’d recommend her to anyone who wants some help in working to a clear picture of where they’re going and how to get there – you’ll be moving off in the right direction in no time.

Sheila Hewitt – Senior IT Manager in the NHS (London)

I knew I wanted to change my career direction. I had done a lot of research and knew the areas I was interested in, but… I was finding it difficult to be excited about any of the opportunities I was faced with.

A single session with Helen uncovered the magic ingredient and enabled me to move forward with energy and enthusiasm.

Nikki Cole – Business Manager (Kent)

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