1. You want to do great work – the work that makes you come alive. And work that contributes in interesting and effective and meaningful ways. But this requires you to dream bigger, go deeper, be more visible, more powerful, more authentic.  And it’s scary.  After all, who are you to push yourself to the front?
  1. You are an expert in what you do, (or at least, up to your ears in skills and trainings) but are unclear about how to market it successfully.  Website? Well you know you need one, yet you are overwhelmed by the thought of what to do about it, and/or are really struggling to create content that works for your business.
  1. You much prefer to think of yourself as a practitioner than “in business”. In fact, business is SO not your thing. Yet you still need to attract clients, and earn money.
  1. You started out confident, but getting clients seems so much harder than you thought it would be.  You need to find out why people aren’t buying, and fix it.
  1. Your business is in major transition and it feels like you’re on a roller-coaster ride.  You want to make an impact AND ride the changes gracefully. At the same time, it is a struggle to think clearly and be at your best.  Second-guessing yourself makes you stressed and exhausted.  How can you go for it, while still taking care of yourself?
  1. Your business is doing OK, and you have all these ideas about how you could take it to the next level. Only they are stuck on a back-burner or hidden in the bottom drawer. So you have resolved (again) to Be More Confident and Take More Action. You’ve read self-help books and taken time-management courses. You’ve tried to organise yourself and boot-strap yourself and think positive and “act as if” and yada, yada, yada. It’s exhausting. And those juicy ideas are not any nearer to fruition.
  1. You sometimes feel like a fraud, or an imposter.  You stress-out and over-prepare for everything because you’re worried it won’t be perfect and then you’ll be “found out”.  Despite glowing feedback from others, you are not convinced that what you do is anything special.

If any of this is sounding familiar, keep reading….

I work with women who are in their mid-30s to mid-60s and are:

  • running a business/practice, alone or in partnership
  • working for someone else, but thinking, planning, or dreaming about running your own business
  • healers, counsellors, lawyers, dance teachers, psychotherapists, negotiators, coaches, trainers, designers, fund-raisers, project managers, consultants, fitness gurus, alternative health practioners, …and more

Is this you yet?

The women I love to work with and with whom best results are achieved are:

  • Open to a holistic approach to overcoming challenges. Your mind, body, heart and spirit are involved in everything you do, whether or not you are aware of it.  In our work together, we’ll be tapping into all aspects of the situation – bringing you more support, more insight and more resources.  If you’re resistant to this idea, you’ll still get some benefits, but I’m not going to be able to do my best for you – plus it’s going to be frustrating for both of us.
  • Willing to grow.  Sometimes, people want things to be different, but only so long as they don’t have to change.   I believe professional success depends as much on personal and professional growth as it is does on practical solutions.  If you do too, then I’d love to work with you.
  • Aware that future success means investment now.  I’m not just talking about money here, but time, energy and attention too.

I’m ready to take you seriously.  Are you ready?

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