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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to me.

There are a number of places on this site where forms are used to collect information, or where you are invited to email me. Your personal details are only used to provide you with Results Agency services and information about Results Agency services.

Other non-personal information/statistics are gathered about your use of this site – please see below, and the page about cookies, for more details.

Your personal details will NOT be made available for other companies or organisations use, at any time (except as may be required, in exceptional circumstances, by a court of law).

We will also work dilligently to protect the information we do hold about you. (Which we have because you’ve shared it with us, for example by filling out a form on this site.)

Coaching is, by nature, a confidential service. And protection of coaching clients’ privacy and confidentiality is one of the tenets of the Code of Ethics to which I work. Please contact me if you wish to discuss any aspect of confidentiality.

If you’ve asked to receive updates or have subscribed to a Results Agency mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time by following the simple instructions given in each communication.

We operate an “opt-in” policy for all mailing lists.  This means we do NOT add people to our mailing lists without permission.  We use Mailchimp to manage lists.  For more information about mailing lists, Mailchimp and privacy, please see here.

The Results Agency is located in Scotland and is therefore subject to the Laws of Scotland and the United Kingdom.

UK Data Protection Act

Helen Ross Hamilton/Helen Dillon (trading as The Results Agency) is registered under the United Kingdom Data Protection Act 1998. Personal data shall be obtained, stored, used and passed on only in strict accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998

This site may occasionally have links to other sites that contain information we think you might find useful.  The Results Agency is not responsible for the privacy policies or Data Protection policies of these websites.



A Word to the Wise

The internet is an amazing tool and brings information, support and entertainment right into our homes from all over the world.  You have access to products, expertise, technology and functionality from all corners of the globe.

The downside of this is that these companies also have access to information about you (and your likes, dislikes, buying habits, etc)

You should be aware that, due to the international nature of the internet, some of the services we use (like Google Analytics, or Shareaholic) store information on their servers in the United States and, may transfer data to other countries whose laws on personal privacy may be less stringent than here.

The Results Agency has no control over what Google, Facebook, or anyone else does with your personal information once they have it (which is one of the reasons we don’t pass personal information on if we can help it).

Please bear this in mind, not just here, but whenever you are sharing personal information, photographs etc.  This includes anything you send in an email. The bottom line is – if it’s on the internet – it’s public.