Step Out of Stuck

Escape the Procrastination Swamp

(How can you escape the procrastination swamp and get your mojo back? )

Feeling stuck seems to be part of being human. Sometimes you just need to stretch, shake your hips, take a break, tidy your desk.  And things start flowing again.

Other times stuckness can leave you feeling frustrated, dried out and at a loss. Especially when it keeps showing up. You feel “Stuck” with a capital “S”.

That kind of persistant Stuckness sucks.

It sucks confidence and self-belief, delight and self-regard.  It drains your mojo.

And it’s also a more common experience than you might think, showing up as:

  • procrastination and avoidance, busy-work
  • lack of motivation
  • going round in circles, wheel spinning, confusion, inability to commit
  • repeatedly starting over, and never delivering

And all the while telling yourself to “just get on with it“!!!

The Procrastination Swamp: Why Sometimes You Can’t “Just Get On With It”

You might think that just “getting on with it” would counteract some of the procrastination and wheel spinning.  However, like being stuck in a real swamp, fighting harder isn’t always the answer. All that happens when you push and push is that the resistance pushes back even harder.

Perhaps it’s what’s lurking underneath that is holding you back?

Pushing on regardless when you are:

  • afraid that if you take your best work out into the world, something scary with sharp teeth will tear it down
  • entangled in unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving
  • not at all sure you are heading in the right direction, anyway…

…simply leads to more resistance, more self-sabotage and more Stuck.

When what you really want is delight, flow and business mojo.

(On a more consistent basis.)

So here’s the thing: In order to step out of that procrastination swamp you need more than a little shimmy… you need a seismic shift.

Dont worry – that doesn’t mean 2 years of therapy; I’ve helped clients create that kind of shift in a single 50 minute session. 

Nor does it necessarily mean a huge struggle – sometimes change, energy and inspiration comes when we move towards where the ease is, rather than fighting harder or throwing everything up in the air.

What isn’t likely is to create that kind of shift on your own. Certainly not in a timely I-need-to-get-back-on-track-and-make-progress-now kind of way.

So what is the answer?

Introducing… Step Out of Stuck

Step Out of Stuck - Escape the Procrastination Swamp
Step Out of Stuck is a short, intensive one-to-one programme of coaching, focused on getting you out of the procrastination swamp and into action on your project, scheme or mission.

The results I want for you:

  • you feel inspired and motivated to take action to make the right things happen
  • you are clear about your way forward and you have a plan for how to get there
  • you better understand the patterns that got you to “Stuck” in the first place and you have strategies for dealing with those patterns in future
  • decision-making is easier
  • you feel more in control of your business success

To rediscover grace and confidence, get back on track and deliver, you need:

Get more "aha" moments

Get more “aha” moments


Talking through the issues involved with a skilled listener brings new ways of thinking about the story and can illuminate many of the dark alleys.

More than that, effective coaching generates much needed “AHA” moments – leading to inspiration and growth.


Stop wandering - get on track.

Stop wandering – get on track.

To Travel Purposefully

Enough wandering about – delivering on dreams and goals requires a balancing act between small steps on the ground and maintaining conection to your overall vision.

Step Out of Stuck Coaching covers both low level planning to support putting one foot in front of another and strategies for developing a compelling vision


Practical strategies for staying on track

Practical Solutions

In order to get on track, and stay there. Step Out of Stuck Coaching helps you develop practical, sensible and compassionate ways of staying centred and focused, despite all the distractions and blind-alleys that life might throw at you.

Because life isn’t going away.



The truth is, you need both insight and action to make the kind of progress you want, and your business needs.  That’s why coaching delivers a lot more than chatting to friends or trying to sort it out on your own.

How would you like to be telling people:

“Oh yeah – I’m back on track with that – and making great progress.  Watch out world!!”?

Sound good so far?

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So Is Step Out of Stuck for You?

If you are:

  • ready to expand what you are doing with your business, for example adding a new product or service
  • wanting to get one of your juicy ideas off the back-burner and into growth
  • yearning for more clients and some momentum with your business
  • creating any kind of marketing campaign
  • keen to get your business off the ground

… but struggling to actually make anything happen, then these sessions are for you.

Your Investment

Your investment in coaching could make the difference between reclaiming your business mojo, and being stuck in the same old dried-up business rut.

The fees for these one-to-one procrastination-busting consultations are just £55 per 1 hour session (face to face or via telephone or Skype).

Or, book a 4 session block for just £197 (saving £23).

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100% Risk FreePeace of Mind Money Back Guarantee

I want happy clients who feel more confident and motivated.

If you feel, at any time during the session/session-block, and, up to 30 days after completing it, that a) you’ve given coaching the time and attention it deserves, and, b) it’s just not working/hasn’t worked for you, I will refund your fees in full.

Recap: Step Out of Stuck benefits:

  • (Re)Develop a sense of purpose, to activate your motivation and resolve
  • Clear negativity and reclaim stuck energy so you can move forward with confidence and renewed enthusiasm
  • Uncover hidden challenges, limiting beliefs and blind-spots that may be sabotaging your success
  • Ride those crocodiles:  Get savvy, release your inner “Crocodile Goddess”, and bridge the confidence gap.
  • Master the art of “what’s possible now” so you can make real progress, without exhausting yourself, or messing up business-as-usual.
  • Set solid, inspiring, actionable goals that align with your values and your business purpose
  • Create a 3-stage action plan, complete with first steps
  • Reach your own “AHA” moments – and use them productively

When you are ready to get started, fill out the form and let’s get you out of that procrastination swamp.

You can use the same form for any questions about this programme, or how it works – any at all – please ask me!  Even if it seems like a daft question.  Just ask.

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