Is there a straight-forward, stress-reduced way to get a website that works for your business?

Getting your business on-line successfully can be an overwhelming, frustrating, and surprisingly tender process.

And it can use up a lot of time, energy and confidence just trying to make sense of the more obvious issues, like the “big three” web design issues:

  1. There’s the website content.  Your work is powerful and comes from your heart (that’s the tender bit). You don’t want to be too “salesy” – but you do want people to come into your business. So what on earth do you say on that homepage?  (Hint – It’s probably not what you are thinking about saying.)
  1. And then there is the website design.  (Ooh look at all those pretty colours!!) There are so many web design options from which to choose, it can be tempting to go a bit mad. (Or feel so nervous about it that you end up with a web design that is flat and boring.)
  1. And there is the technical stuff – which makes lots of folks want to run in the opposite direction. (Even if you are mostly comfortable with techie stuff, it can be time consuming and confidence sapping to try to do it all yourself.)

The trouble is, even if you could address each of these components, it’s not as simple(!) as that.  These are not 3 separate components, they are inter-related.

And while these issues are important, and are where most people focus their attention, a lot of business owners are completely unaware of the underlying, foundational pieces that need to be in place first.

So when it comes to “getting a website”, it’s no wonder lots of people procrastinate and never get anywhere with it.  Or rush it, ending up with a website that is not really doing the job and they can’t change.

So what are the underlying issues and how can they be addressed?  How do you deal with the “big three” mentioned above?

And is there really a stress-reduced way to get a website?

Ta Dah…..!   Introducing….

Therapeutic WebsitesTM

Web Design for Small Expert Businesses and Therapeutic Professionals who want help with the tender process of getting their business on-line

To get a successful, flexible website on-line with a mimimum of stress and overwhelm, you need the following foundational pieces:

  • Clarity about who you help, what you help them with, and how you plan to reach and connect with your audience, over time.

This is sometimes known as a marketing strategy.  But don’t worry about the jargon.  It’s really about giving your website a purpose in life.  Without this you won’t know who your website is for, or what information they will want.  (Hence why it’s hard to write content from a standing start.)

The Results Agency will help you develop a basic marketing strategy (or review/renew your existing plan).  And then work with you to identify the role(s) your website will play in it, both now and in the future.  So your website can support and enable business success. Getting clear about this now will save you time and stress as it guides you in making key decisions about design and content.

  • An well-defined information structure that makes it easy for visitors to navigate your site and engage with your business

Your website is the display case for your work, your consulting ante-room, and your most used point of contact with potential clients.  Yet many websites offer visitors frustration and confusion. And nothing will drive a visitor away from your site faster.

Therapeutic WebsitesTM aim to make it easy for visitors to orient themselves on your site, and find the information they are looking for. PLUS: Understanding how your information hangs together makes it easier to guide potential customers along pathways of increasing contact with your business. Which is good for them (because they get more help) and good for you (because you get more business).

And, yes, there are basic information types that nearly all sites need to include, as well as effective ways of formating them.

These two elements: a clear marketing strategy and a coherent information structure are so often missing from discussions about getting a web site.

Yet getting to grips with them will make the whole process of getting your business on-line so much easier.

So now that we have the foundation pieces in place – let’s revisit the “big three” of content, design and technology…

A Website that Works Also Needs

1. Effective Web Content

You know your business inside out. Your website visitors don’t! You have solutions – they have problems.  So while you have information and they need it, you are coming at this from opposite ends.  Hence many sites simply do not engage with their visitors and these businesses lose out on custom because these visitors simply go elsewhere.

Heart-centred copy-writing

In fact good web content ….

  • expresses the unique power and therapeutic potential of your work, in such a way that your website visitors can immediately connect and engage with it.
  • motivates your site visitors to take action and then makes it easy for them to do so


2. Visually Pleasing, Technically Robust, Design

How your website looks is obviously pretty important.  But design is more than the colours and logos.  Good web design also takes account of issues like:

  • accessibility: for example for sight-restricted users
  • standards: adhering to current web standards means that your site can be accessed by a wide variety of browsers on many different devices.
  • useability: many a good website is let down by, for example, pretty but pointless photos, too little contrast between text and background, too many or too few menu options, etc, etc.


3. Technology: A flexible, easy to use content management system

(One that allows you to update and extend the website content and structure, without requiring a huge learning curve.)
web technologyThe Results Agency builds WordPress based websites because WordPress is easy to use, easy to extend and has a solid user base worldwide.  We can also integrate your site with social media outlets and list management systems (we recommend Mailchimp).

And all Therapeutic Web DesignTM projects include training (so you don’t need to rely on an outside designer to make every little change), and hand-holding after go-live (it is meant to be stress-reduced after all!).  (On-going support plans are also available.)

You will also receive a comprehensive hand-over document explaining the specifics of your site, and all relevent passwords, putting you in full control of your site.

Therapeutic WebsitesTM are:

  • Therapeutic for your business – Attracting and engaging potential customers and helping them transition into actual customers. Helping you communicate with and support your existing clientbase.
  • Therapeutic for your visitors – Your visitors have problems for which they are seeking solutions.  They’re probably stressed, confused, possibly in a hurry.  Imagine the relief to find a website where they can quickly and easily find the information and help they want.  YOUR website.
  • Therapeutic for you – Easy to maintain, change and update. Support when you need it. And a process of getting on-line in the first place that brings YOU relief from the stress,confusion and overwhelm of this whole web design thing.

Ready to Start? What to Do First:

Get a website that works not a white elephant

Get a website that works now and in the future

If you want a website that works for you, generates more business and helps you help more people, then the first thing we should do is have an informal chat about your business and what you want your website to do for you.  I will offer you any insight and advice I can – and from there it’s up to you to make the decision.

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