Website Results Booster

(The Things Your Best Friends Won’t Tell You About Why Your Website Isn’t Working.)

Most solo businesses don’t have enough places they can go to get useful feedback.  Especially about that key aspect of modern marketing: your website.

And at the same time, it’s become easier and easier to d-i-y a website…

So you do it yourself, emblazon “Welcome” across your homepage, and sit back and wait for the work to roll in.

Except it doesn’t. 

And you don’t know why, because your friends all said it was great!

That can be frustrating and painful (hugs), because you put a lot of thought and work into getting it out there (Well done you!).

Time for actionable feedback for better results.

But now what?

How do you figure out what the problem is – especially when you’ve been tinkering with it for so long, and you care about it so much, that it’s hard to be objective.

The trouble with asking friends and family, is that very, very few will be a) willing, and b) able, to give you the kind of feedback you need.

Instead they’ll say things like:

“It’s looking good”

“Well done you”

“Gosh aren’t you clever doing all that by yourself.”

“It’s getting there!”

“It all looks very interesting”

It’s not that they don’t want to help, but over-riding their desire to help is their desire to support and encourage you.  (Sometimes when loved ones say, “It’s great.”, what they really mean is “It’s great that you are doing this.”)

More importantly, they probably don’t know what they are looking for, when it comes to how some websites can actually put potential clients off, and, what does help interested visitors become customers.

Add to that, loved ones will:

  • be willing to put in the time to figure out what you are trying to say on your website,
  • fill in any gaps with what they already know about you, and,
  • see past any “design issues” that would put off actual visitors (because your friends already know how awesome you are)

Real visitors, potential clients, won’t. If they don’t get it, or can’t immediately see how you can help them, they will go elsewhere.

So while the “Well done” kind of support is important, it doesn’t answer the central problem.

What you really need is someone to tell you where and how your website “could do better” when it comes to representing your practice or business. Not to mention attracting and converting clients.

You need to know specifically:

  • where it is going wrong
  • what’s missing
  • what is on the right track but could use highlighting or making more of.

And you want it in plain english with clear directions as to what you can do about it.  (Without being made to feel like an idiot.)

So where can you get such stellar information?  Right here:

Therapy for Your Website

The Website Results Booster

Straight-talking, jargon-free feedback on what’s working, and what isn’t, on your website, with prioritised recommendations for how to make it better.

I like to think of it as “Therapy for your website”.

Here’s what I want the Website Results Booster to do for you:

  • help you quickly and easily grasp the top three website improvements that will have the most impact on client attraction
  • demystify the way in which design and words need to work together to make websites effective and how your site specifically does that well and/or where it falls flat
  • improve your productivity by enabling you to take a step back from the process of working on your website and get a plan of action for the most effective way to take it forward
  • raise your confidence in your marketing, and your website’s ability to attract the right clients and customers, so you feel supported by your website (and good about referring people to it)
  • help you maximise return on the time, energy and financial investments you’ve made in getting a website
  • motivate you to make the tweaks needed to turn your website into a work-horse for your business (instead of, potentially, a white elephant) – because you’re clear about what’s needed

How It Works

The Website Results Booster comprises 3 components:

A 30-40 minute “Discovery” call when we will discuss what your business is about and what you’d like your website to do for you.

NB I’ve thought long and hard about including this – most other website reviews are pretty hands-off – but to me, it’s most important to get to know your business and the outcomes you want to deliver for clients and yourself before going anywhere near your site.

That’s because I’ve often found a big discrepancy between how heart-centred professionals come across in person as opposed to how their website presents them. Hence I want to talk to you first – in order to provide the most relevent and appropriate guidance in the report. This is a key strength of the Website Results Booster.

The Report itself: Website Results Booster Report:

A hand-crafted e-report, written in plain english, that you can refer back to again and again.

It will be created specifically for your website. As well as covering 17+ points for successful websites, it will highlight recommendations for the 3 most important tweaks needed to improve the results you are getting from your website.

Follow-up coaching/mentoring call.

One-to-one coaching and mentoring on your website, marketing strategy or any other aspect of your marketing – because I don’t want you to just read the report, I want you to take action on it – so you, and your business, get the maximum benefit.

(60 minutes. Premium version only.)

So what will the report cover?

Like the people who write them , websites are all different. Yet there are several specific ingredients that all effective websites combine successfully. There are also certain extra things that websites for expert, soul-powered and/or therapeutic businesses need to get right.

You’ll get explanation, advice and recommendations covering these main ingredients, plus any extra points will be covered as appropriate:

  1. Look and Feel, for example:

    • kerb appeal – is your homepage attracting visitors or turning them away?
    • useability – how does the structure of the information help or hinder visitors in getting around and finding the info they need
    • identifying design choices that may be turning off potential clients rather than atttacting them, for example, does everything on your site have a purpose?
    • visual effect – how colours, fonts and photos affect the visitor’s impression of your business
    • congruence – to what extent does the look and feel align with the aims and outcomes your clients are seeking and the kind of business you are in?
    • functionality – does it do what it’s supposed to?
  2. Sales Paths

    …Which is just a grand way of saying “how easy are you making it for visitors to become customers?” This includes things like:

    • convertibility,
    • ease of buying,
    • amount of information in your offers,
    • safety versus risk in your offerings,
    • sales funnels (or lack thereof :-))
  3. Messages

    • review and recommendations on the marketing message your website is conveying, from the point of view of: clarity, directness, congruence, and consistency
    • BONUS copy editing – I’ll provide you with suggestions for how you could re-jig the wording on 2 of the most important pages on your site: the Homepage and the About page, to make them more welcoming and effective. (That means actual words you can cut and paste straight in, or adapt.) NB this alone is worth £60

Because this report is tailored to your website and your business, if there is a particular aspect you want feedback on, please let me know when we have our pre-review chat.

Who is The Website Results Booster For?

  • Expert businesses, and therapeutic professionals who want to improve the return they are getting on their website investment but don’t know how
  • Anyone who wonders whether their website could be doing better as a client attraction tool and wants practical, get-it-sorted-today kind of help
  • Businesses who are planning a website upgrade or re-branding and wondering where to focus their attention

Who Is It Not For

  • Those who are more attached to the creative work they’ve done on their website than they are to getting results from it.  Getting a website up IS a creative act.  However, a website is also a business tool.  Is yours working?

If you’re thinking: “Do I really need this? I’ve had some great feedback from lots of people.” 

Well, if you’ve read to this point, there must be some part of you wondering whether your website could do more for your business…

I once had a discussion with someone on-line where they insisted that they had had feedback from loads of people and that their website was loved by them all.  Only… they were asking for help with why their website wasn’t generating business!

The truth is it doesn’t matter how many people think your website is cool.  What matters is whether it’s generating interest and sales for your business.

What You Get

Just to recap, with the Website Results Booster you will get:

  1. 30-40 minute Discovery call when we will talk about your business and where your website fits in, your marketing and your business goals and dreams – I’ll offer any insights or advice that I can. (Value £45)
  2. A bespoke written report, in pdf format, covering 17+ points for improving your website’s effectiveness as a tool for business success.  Also includes:
    • prioritised checklist of things to do
    • BONUS suggestions for actual wording you could use to improve your webcopy on your Home and About pages (in practice I often suggest tweaks for many other pages too).
      (Value – a lot!)
  3. Premium Bonus: 60 minutes direct access to my brain, via your telephone!  You can:
    • Ask questions about marketing, or any other aspect of your business,
    • Go over any points that are not clear
    • Get further tips and suggestions for improvement
    • Be coached around your marketing message, pricing, business confidence – pretty much any burning business issues you might have
      (Value £55)

Your Investment

The Website Results Booster is being introduced at just

£81 for the standard version

£95 for the premium version
(which includes a 60mins follow-up coaching/mentoring session)

A huge amount of advice, guidance and coaching for an amazing rate – NB it won’t stay at this price for very long!

Get started for just £45 -> Pay in two tranches one on sign up and the other when your report is ready to ship.

Ready to get started?

All I need from you right now is your contact email address and an indication of whether you’re going for the standard version or the premium version:

When you press the Boost My Results button I will contact you to arrange the Discovery session and to invoice the inital payment of £45. The remainder will become due when your report is ready to ship and will be invoiced separately.

Yes please I want to know how to make my website more effective so I can attract more clients and grow my business.

Please contact me to get the results booster started:

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Important: Just because you’ve got some words and pictures on the web doesn’t mean that your website is working. Websites CAN be extremely effective at attracting new clients. (Or they can be fancy, and expensive, white elephants that really don’t generate business in any meaningful sense.) Let me help you make your website work its hardest for you – so you can attract more of the right clients and do more great work. ~ Helen